Does this sound like you?

  • Do you cringe when friends or family show up unannounced, or worse, feel too embarrassed about how your home looks to invite them over & host get-togethers at all?

  • Have you tried going on YouTube and Pinterest to get the information your need and still find yourself struggling with implementing your vision?

  • Do you want an affordable way to decorate your home to reflect your personal style?

  • Do you desire to have ongoing support from an experienced Certified Decorator?

What if decorating your home was easier & you knew you would be happy with the final outcome?

What You Will Get In The Program

  • Guided Course Content

    This course is designed to help guide you in getting clear on your vision, understanding your needs, and how to implement your design.

  • Coaching Support

    You will receive 3 coaching sessions to help ensure that you have the information and tools needed to succeed.

  • Hands-On Decorating

    You will feel the satisfaction of doing an amazing job, excited to entertain guests and show them the transformation!

Meet Your Coach

Tresha Armstrong

Certified Residential Interior Decorator & Coach

My passion is to guide and support you in realizing your dream in having a well-decorated home that makes you feel happy, comfortable and inspired. Once we're finished working together, you will be raving about your home to others.

Here's A Look At The Course Content

    1. Welcome Message From Your Coach

    1. Room Function

    2. Room Function - Assignment

    3. Identify Your Design Style

    4. Identify Your Design Style - Assignment

    5. Identify The Mood

    6. Identify The Mood - Assignment

    7. Room Inspiration

    8. Room Inspiration - Assignment

    9. Create Your Room Inspo Board

    10. Identify Your Color Scheme

    11. Identify Your Color Scheme - Assignment

    12. Schedule Your Coaching Session

    1. Room Photos, Layout & Measurements

    2. Room Photos, Layout & Measurements - Assignment

    3. Room Focal Point

    4. Room Focal Point - Assignment

    5. Take Inventory

    6. Take Inventory - Assignment

    7. Furniture Layout

    8. Create Your Floorplan - Assignment

    9. Identify Your Needs

    10. Identify Your Needs - Assignment

    11. Create Your Furniture Layout - Assignment

    12. Project Investment

    13. Project Investment - Assignment

    14. Online & In-Store Purchases

    15. Schedule Your Coaching Session

    1. Clean & Declutter Your Room

    2. Wall & Window Treatments Installation

    3. Furniture, Lighting & Decor Installation

    4. Schedule Your Coaching Session

In less than 3 months, I will help guide you with decorating a room you will love that reflects your personal style.

Pricing Options

There are 2 pricing options available. You can pay a one-time fee or pay over the course of 3 months.

Get the guidance and support you need...